The AOBA Alliance offers several product options to participants through our relationship with Constellation Energy.

Fixed Price Solutions

Fixed Price Solutions give you the ability to lock in your entire load at one fixed price per therm throughout your contract.

  • Price Certainty—One fixed price for all usage.
  • Simplicity—Make a one-time decision and receive an easy-to-understand bill.
  • Easy Budget Management—Manage your budget by knowing what your price will be throughout the entire term of the contract.
  • Usage Variance Protection—Your price remains the same even when your usage varies from events beyond your control, such as severe winter weather.

NYMEX Plus Basis Solutions

NYMEX Plus Basis Solutions give you the ability to lock in any portion of the NYMEX or Basis components at a fixed price.

For any portion of your load not purchased at a fixed price, your monthly price is based on the monthly market settle price.   Or you can purchase fixed price percentages of usage during the term of the contract.  You may hedge up to 100% of usage in any or all calendar months.

  • Flexibility—You control what percentage of your usage is at a fixed price.
  • Price Certainty—Fixed price for some or all of your usage.
  • Market Events—Make purchases when market events present attractive buying opportunities.

Minimize Volatile Pricing (MVP) Solutions

MVP Solutions help you reduce your exposure to natural gas price volatility through an automated time-diversifying program.

  • Targeted Purchases—Constellation Energy makes targeted purchases of energy for your company, based on advanced mathematical methodology.
  • Price Stability—The goal of MVP Solutions is to diversity your purchases to smooth out price volatility over time.

Natural Gas Product Offerings