Month: June 2023

Washington Gas Requests a $49.4 Million Increase in Rates in Maryland

Washington Gas has filed with a rate increase proposal of $49.4 million revenue increase to be effective December 14, 2023. Included in the $49.4 million revenue increase is a $21.0 million request to transfer the Washington Gas Strategic Infrastructure Development And Enhancement Plan or “STRIDE” surcharges into base rates subject to Commission approval.

Washington Gas’ claimed justification for the new rate increase mimics prior requests to increase rates charged to Maryland customers. According to its Application, Washington Gas has not been able to earn the 7.09 percent overall rate of return (“ROR)” based on the 9.70 % return on equity (“ROE”) authorized by the Commission in the Company’s last rate case (i.e., Case No. 9651). “Current rates,” Washington Gas explains, “are not just and reasonable and are inadequate due to the growth in the Company’s net rate base and increases in operation and maintenance costs.”

Pepco Requests $193.2 Million Increase in Revenue in Multi-Year Rate Plan Application in Maryland

Pepco filed an Application for its largest distribution revenue increase ever requested in Maryland on May 16, 2023. Pepco has requested a cumulative $193.2 million increase in its base distribution revenue over the next three years (i.e., 2024-2026) to be effective April 1, 2024. Specifically, Pepco is proposing that rates increase by $74.4 million on April 1, 2024, by $59.4 million on April 1, 2025 and then again by an additional $59.4 million on April 1, 2026 through March 31, 2027. Pepco has also included in its Application a proposal that would extend the three year Multi-Year Plan request (“MYP”) through December 31, 2027.

In Maryland, the increased rates requested are as follows:
 Year 1 Increase (2024) : $ 74.4 million
 Year 2 Increase (2025) : $ 59.4 million
 Year 3 Increase (2026) : $ 59.4 million