Kevin Carey is the Director of Operations for AOBA Alliance, Inc.

Kevin Carey joined AOBA Alliance, Inc. in October 2018 and is the Director of Operations. Mr. Carey has more than twenty years’ experience working in the energy industry. Mr. Carey oversees the daily operations of AOBA Alliance, Inc. which include: facilitating procurement of electricity and natural gas for current and prospective AOBA Alliance participants, evaluation of competitive energy contract offerings, providing utility budget assistance, utility briefings, and assisting AOBA Alliance participants with utility-related issues.

Prior to joining AOBA Alliance, Inc., Mr. Carey served as a Principal, Project Structuring with Constellation and was previously Manager, Strategic Planning & Analysis for Pepco Energy Services, and was the Manager of Retail Electric Pricing for Pepco Energy Services, when PES was partnered with AOBA Alliance. Mr. Carey holds a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master of Business Administration from Loyola University in Maryland.